7 reasons why you need Tkeycoin in your portfolio

The Rundown

  • The TKEYCOIN CEOs Participated in The Asian Parliamentary Assembly (APA)
  • Participated in the Federal draft laws
  • Our Participation in the XXVIII international financial Congress
  • Patented development
  • It Makes the Market Accessible
  • International company
  • Management and founders

We strive to make transactions with cryptocurrencies public and simple, whereby society will be able to move to a new level of the quality economy — but why should you care? Here are seven reasons why.

TKEY presented its solutions to the participants of the world Inter-parliamentary forum

TKEY executives Pavel and Maxim Yakimovs demonstrated the benefits of the Tkeycoin platform at the world inter-parliamentary forum with the participation of members of Parliament from Asia and the Asia-Pacific region.

https://youtu.be/pMnbY9cQO7gTKEY DMCC on Asian Parliamentary Assembly (APA) (Part 2)

Not only company’s executives presented unique Tkeycoin technologies to 42 countries’ delegates there, but also acted as experts in numerous crucial subjects. I.e., corruption, shadow market regulation, the building of transparent investment mechanisms, capital stagnation, etc. We have also reached a few preliminary agreements with the APA’s members, and this once again proves the promise of Tkeycoin solutions.

CEO TKEY. Presentation on the digitalization of the world economy.
Short photo report from the event

Participated in the Federal draft laws

The TKEY CEOs Maxim and Pavel Yakimovs and experts company actively participate in the drafting process of the №617867–7 law on ‘Making deals using electronic platform’ and №617880–7 law on ‘Making changes to Russian Federation legal acts due to acceptance of Federal law on ‘Making deals using electronic platform.’ These legislations are vital in the digitization process of the Russian financial system.

TKEY office — work on the Federal law.

Our Participation in the XXVIII international financial Congress

From 2 to 5 July, TKey’s management attended the XXVIII international financial Congress in St. Petersburg. Dozens of famous companies, the main faces of the world financial system, recognized market experts and Nobel prize winners-the event in the Northern capital was full of scales and contrasts.

IFC 2019 had a much more pronounced financial focus than political, as was the case with the APA. We were surrounded by people from the financial sphere, who discussed this very sphere and shared with each other invaluable years of experience. This allowed us to learn how the financial systems of Europe, Asia and America work, to get some insider information firsthand, as well as to adjust the long-term development plans of the project taking into account some previously unknown nuances. — explain the heads of TKEY DMCC Maxim and Pavel Yakimovs

CIO TKEY — Pavel Yakimov and the head of the Central Bank of Russia Elvira Nabiulinna.
Short photo report from the event

Patented Development

Innovative nchains technology. Multi-component nchains architecture with the ability to create an unlimited number of blockchains to increase productivity and intelligent configuration for various tasks of business and individuals.

On March 18, 2019, our blockchain TKEY was registered with the Federal service for intellectual property under the state number: 2019613458

Certificate of state registration of the TKEY program

It Makes the Market Accessible

The platform brings together a variety of solutions for users, businesses and the public sector. Secure corporate networks, payment processors, liquidity, cross-border payments, trading instruments, information security, instant exchanges, investment instruments. One platform — millions of opportunities.

Cryptoccurency Tkeycoin

Freedom to make any money transactions. TKEY is a digital asset for payments that allows exchanging cryptocurrencies into dollars, euros and AEDs.


TkeyPay — Lightning cryptocurrency payments anywhere in the world. Send money to family and friends, anywhere and in seconds. Easily pay with cryptocurrency — bills in restaurants, cafes and shops, wherever you are.

TkeyIndex Algorithm

Created to economize and safe margin. A multi-level algorithm performs a sequence of iterations on the information variables of cryptocurrency exchanges and Foreign Exchange, to find the best prices and ensure liquidity.

P2P deposits and lending

Smart deposits and lending. The ideal solution for hold investors who want to maintain the liquidity of their held assets. Blockchain lending and deposits is an alternative to Bank deposits and lending based on fair transactions and confidentiality of information.

Digital currency exchange

Tokenized exchange on the blockchain. Professional trading center for traders and financial organizations. Licensed exchange with support for advanced trading tools and full mechanization of all assets to protect against bankruptcy and hacker attacks.


The blockchain in a matter of minutes. Be independent of complex technical operations. Use ready-made TkeyBox modules to deploy a corporate blockchain network in minutes. Simple user interface to create chains according to your business needs.

International company

We are a forward-going team with the long-term plans and space-huge ambitions. Our offices are located in Moscow and Dubai, and we also have representatives in different regions of Asia.

TKEY DMCC is a software development company headquartered in Dubai, on the territory of the largest Free economic zone of the United Arab Emirates — DMCC. The company specializes in the development of innovative solutions for business, banking sector, and civil society in general. We create complex financial projects and fin-tech products, including universal platforms for scalable distributed information systems and some other exciting solutions. Starting in October 2017, TKEY DMCC has been developing a new cryptographic decentralized platform called Tkeycoin.

TKEY developers office in Moscow

Management and founders

Maksim Yakimov

- CEO and founder of the Tkeycoin project ;

- Assistant of the State Duma Deputy (Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation) — http://duma.gov.ru.

Maxim has in-depth knowledge and competence in matters of banking law, business, tax optimization, bank operations, and control over them.

Pavel Yakimov

- CIO and founder of the Tkeycoin project;

- Assistant of the State Duma Deputy (Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation) — http://duma.gov.ru.

Pavel has a rich practical experience in organizing start-ups and businesses, mainly engaged in the development and promotion of innovative technological solutions. He is the main ideologist of Tkeycoin project and a critical link between business processes and IT-direction of TKEY DMCC.

These days TKEY DMCC passes the verifications required for obtaining Russian Federation Central Bank license. After completing the process, TKEY DMCC will join a self-regulatory organization ‘National financial association’, that will raise the authority of the corporation to the international level due to additional control by SRO.

Kind regards,

Tkeycoin team

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