8 most significant events for Tkeycoin

To move forward, it is necessary to compare the results for the past year. In 2018, we began the formation of the project, concluded a deal with Arab investors, opened the company TKEY DMCC in the international trade zone of Dubai, entered the American register of property D&B, conducted various studies in the field of the cryptocurrency market, prepared for the launch of the TKEY blockchain.

The number of users on the Tkeycoin platform is growing every day. From February 2018 to the present-the number of users amounted to 48870 people, and new visitors to the site has become more 1 000 000.

Chart of growth in the number of Tkeycoin users
The Indicators Yandex. A metric for website tkeycoin.com

Many could miss the important events that surrounded us this year and became fundamental for us.

In this article, we will share the main events and talk about each of them. Let’s go!


On March 18, 2019, our blockchain TKEY was registered with the Federal service for intellectual property under the state number: 2019613458

The program is designed to build a blockchain with advanced functionality. The program provides the ability to create a blockchain that is scalable within a single network; dynamic addition of chains within a single network; supports the creation of transactions both within one chain and between different chains.

Certificate of state registration of the TKEY program

Participated in the Federal draft laws

The heads of TKEY DMCC Maxim and Pavel Yakimovs, as well as the company’s experts, take part in the development of draft Federal laws №617867–7 “on transactions using an electronic platform” and №617880–7 “on amendments to certain legislative acts of the Russian Federation in connection with the adoption of the Federal law “on transactions using an electronic platform”. We made proposals and amendments to the law on Digital financial assets.

TKEY office — work on the Federal law.

Launching the TKEY blockchain

On April 8, 2019, we officially launched the TKEY network, on the same day the first block (Genesis block) of 105,000,000 TKEY was formed, which were distributed to investors. We are already preparing the launch of THE new TKEY 2.0 kernel where new nchains features, lightning-fast transactions and more will be available.

The network follows the rules of the P2P network, determining with the help of algorithms how many and with what frequency coins should appear. Tkeycoin is created every time a user finds a new block. The number of released TKEY per block decreases geometrically, with a reduction of ~50% every 4 years. As a result, the algorithm has a well-defined schedule according to which the total number of existing TKEY will never be more than 147,000,000 TKEY.

TKEY presented its solutions to the participants of the world Inter-parliamentary forum

TKEY executives Pavel and Maxim Yakimovs demonstrated the benefits of the Tkeycoin platform at the world inter-parliamentary forum with the participation of members of Parliament from Asia and the Asia-Pacific region.

Most delegations welcomed our presentation with enthusiasm, and we continued to communicate with some of them in the subsequent stages of the event. During the tete-a-tete talks, we discussed some global problems, acted as consultants on the practical application of blockchain technologies, and also talked about possible cooperation.

As a result of the event, we managed to reach preliminary agreements with delegates from some countries, which is undoubtedly already a huge success. It is important to understand that we did not negotiate with Directors of companies, but with representatives of parliaments of different countries of the world, which opens for us much wider horizons for international cooperation in the future.

CEO TKEY. Presentation on the digitalization of the world economy.

Launch of full nodes TKEY

On April 30, 2019, We launched full tkeycoin Core nodes, aka Desktop wallets. In the first week, wallets were downloaded more than 25,000 times.

Each user can make transfers, receive cryptocurrency TKEY and use the function of asynchronous multithreaded mining on the CPU.

Already today, our network supports more than 3000–5000 full nodes that are available 24/7

Launch of Blockchain Explorer Tkeycoin

On may 08, 2019, we launched blockchain explorer.

Convenient and simple, but, at the same time, informative and detailed — these are the main characteristics of the blockchain explorer developed by us.

The blockchain explorer allows you to track individual transactions in cryptocurrency blockchains, analyze the technical characteristics of their networks, and just get acquainted with how Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and, of course, Tkeycoin are arranged inside.

Blockchain Explorer Tkeycoin

Our Participation in the XXVIII international financial Congress

From 2 to 5 July, TKey’s management attended the XXVIII international financial Congress in St. Petersburg. Dozens of famous companies, the main faces of the world financial system, recognized market experts and Nobel prize winners-the event in the Northern capital was full of scales and contrasts.

IFC 2019 had a much more pronounced financial focus than political, as was the case with the APA. We were surrounded by people from the financial sphere, who discussed this very sphere and shared with each other invaluable years of experience. This allowed us to learn how the financial systems of Europe, Asia and America work, to get some insider information firsthand, as well as to adjust the long-term development plans of the project taking into account some previously unknown nuances. — explain the heads of TKEY DMCC Maxim and Pavel Yakimovs

CIO TKEY — Pavel Yakimov and the head of the Central Bank of Russia Elvira Nabiulinna.

Carried out a large-scale renewal of the TKEY brand

We changed the architecture and design of the official website, increased security, added new products: real-time market data, anonymous and fast exchanger of more than 140 cryptocurrencies, told about the nearest and future products that our users will be able to use.

Official website tkeycoin.com

During this time, more than 1,000 media outlets wrote about us — ITAR TASS, Yahoo.Finance, China.com, Vesti.Finance, Interlocutor and many others.

We have studied more than 1500 different crypto projects, heterogeneous concepts, payment market and much more. We can say that we know everything about the market, if not everything, then a lot.

Now we are actively preparing for the launch of the new TKEY 2.0 core and access to cryptocurrency exchanges.

Further more!

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Official TKEY blog in Medium. Infrastructure for the financial ecosystem

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