Blockchain Technology: 13 Unconventional Uses

By now almost everyone has heard about blockchain — the technology got widely famous due to Bitcoin unprecedented price rise in 2017. But there are many more ways to use blockchain extending far beyond money transactions.

Blockchain is capable of completely changing the way we use things, manage our assets or interact with other people or legal bodies.

Recently a lot of companies and individuals have come up with innovations focused on the blockchain technology.

Cryptocurrencies aside, we have made for you a list of the most surprising blockchain applications. Some of them are likely to transform our future, the others are just fun.


With a lot of controversial elections we have seen recently, this application looks very promising indeed. Blockchain can make any election process more transparent and fraud-free.

The Voatz blockchain platform designed especially for voting is currently being tested in West Virginia, USA. So far no problems or bugs have been revealed. The biggest concern here is the security of devices used to submit ballots — some smartphones might be vulnerable to cyberattacks. That is why only certain types of smartphones with up-to-date safety features are recommended for voting via the app.

Car sales

A new blockchain platform for selling cars has been created by a London-based automotive company. The marketplace developers say it allows customers to have access to the detailed history of every car on sale. Before buying a vehicle you will get all the info needed — age, mileage, repairs etc. Due to the blockchain technology you will also get useful additional information about trading and insurance risks connected with specific cities and countries.

Energy sharing

The blockchain is often associated with huge energy waste, due to Bitcoin mining. Power Ledger (POWR) — the Australian solar energy sharing company says the technology can also contribute to energy saving, if wisely applied. The Power Ledger team is about to launch a big marketplace for peer-to-peer energy trading, allowing excess solar energy be sold to those who need it. It lets the users to set their own energy prices depending on the time of day, and use cryptocurrency for transactions.


When some blockchain fan friend will speak to you about the advantages of the technology, ask if they have already joined the new religious cult.

It was founded by Mark Liston, the former CEO of Augur blockchain prediction platform (which also sounds a little weird, doesn’t it?)

After leaving the post Liston started a new religion based on the same technology. He enigmatically named it 0xΩ and have already distributed 40 copies of so-called “flame paper”, a holy book analog.

Liston declares that in his religion the set of beliefs can be updated and adopted easily to the society concerns.

0xΩ lacks the governing authority or spiritual leader like Pope or Dalai Lama — Liston does not see himself as a messiah. Every devotee can influence the cult. Even “the flame paper” itself may be subject to change! Besides, the followers can vote for a certain cause using the platform — to decide if they want to use donations to support it.

Video games

B2Expand is the bitcoin-based video game stemmed from game project Beyond the Void. The company claims that their goal was to “bring back true ownership to the players”. They see the blockchain technology as a way to create transparent relationships between the game developers and users. They also seek to create a unique game environment, where players may use some B2Expand items for other bitcoin-based non-game applications.

Land register

Georgia was the first country to convert land register to blockchain in 2017. The new system has a lot of advantages for the young democracy with a lot of controversies concerning land ownership.The citizens seem to be happy with the innovation makes the process transparent and greatly reduces the risk of government manipulations with the registry book. As the book is available to every citizen and its entries cannot be changed or deleted, corruption fails.

Freeing the spirit

Blockchain technology can help free your spirit and release your inner potential, too.

In case you are a user of the HUMENA blockchain-enabled platform designed for synchronous meditation and prayer of people all over the world.

Similar application for blockchain is suggested by the non-commercial project ZenVow. If you are tired to waste your life in the office, there is always a meaningful alternative. ZenVow is created to un-employ millions of unhappy “office slaves” by rewarding them for meditation, breathing exercises and yoga practice. After completing a yoga session you provide ‘the proof of work’ measured with special sensors. Then the system rewards you with ZenVow coins that can be converted into fiat money or spent on platform extra features.

Freelance market

Meet the Blocklancer — the new Ethereum-based platform for the freelance job market. Its creators are sure that the marketplace will solve all the problems common for traditional online job platforms. With the new system all payments will become faster, and the fees will be much lower than before. Looks like a brighter future for both employers and freelancers.

It is a good news because the freelance market share is growing with every year — in the USA alone there are about 57 millions of freelancers, and 70% of them use online marketplaces to look for orders.

Time travel

Wirelesscoin stands apart among other types of cryptocurrency.

It is planned to to fuel future time travel on a special bus that is yet to be invented. The project team is about to hire physics students that will drive forward the unusual project. While the time bus is being designed, the company plans to invest into the necessary materials and facilities like garages. After testing the time machine on objects, small animals and human volunteers will be sent to past and future. The ultimate goal is to develop a machine that will take at least 30 people on a time trip.

Social Media

Steemit Is a social network and blogging platform powered by the Steem blockchain. If you post unique high-quality content and other users upvote for it, you get rewarded with Steem Power and Steem Dollar tokens. Curators, people who discover and comment on interesting content, are rewarded, too. The more you publish and/or comment, the more tokens you earn. Both tokens can be converted into Bitcoins or to fiat money.


Cybersecurity has become a major concern over the last several years, as the number of web-surfers increased greatly and hackers got more experienced and well-equipped than ever before. The blockchain technology can be used to protect us online, preventing data theft or fraud. Due to its decentralized nature, blockchain makes it really difficult to destroy data distributed among millions of computers of the network. When every participant stores a copy, it is really difficult to corrupt.

ATLR company recently released the commercial software package based on blockchain. It promises “ultra-secure data access and storage”. It is integrated into the existing computer network and makes it possible to zero out the risk of data loss of corruption.

Bee farming

You have probably never thought about it but blockchain can also be used to promote bee health.

BUZZcoin team is about to improve the organic bee farming sector via the blockchain-based network helping monitor and maintain well-being of the hives all over the world. Hive owners are supposed to collect the bee data on a regular basis and be rewarded for it with BUZZ coins.

Health care

The British company FarmaTrust uses the blockchain technology to effectively track pharmaceuticals in the global supply chain. It helps to eliminate substandard and counterfeit drugs that have always been a massive problem, causing deaths of up to 1 mln people annually. The company also has a plan to release Consumer Confidence app, that will make it possible to prove authenticity of any medicine you buy.

And so much more…

Blockchain technology uses are limitless — due to the very nature of technology that can be applied almost to anything. In fact, in a few years we may find yourselves living in a a new blockchain powered world. Hopefully, the better and brighter one.

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