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Today we will touch on the following topics: what the team does during the registration period; we will tell you about “smart holding,” what kind of tool it is; we will notify you about the development in the Persian Gulf, we will touch on the topic of privacy and sovereignty.

What does the team do during the registration period?

Studying the context of the previous materials, someone mistakenly concluded that the ecosystem develops only in Russia, but the scale of the system makes it easy to function in the world. In addition, the functionality and architecture initially signal to us that the development of the ecosystem takes place around the world, not limited to one country.

In this connection, we are carrying out measures for future expansion; in particular, we have paid great attention to the Persian Gulf.

Development in the Persian Gulf

We are actively preparing to develop the system in the Persian Gulf, so the topic of “Islamic Banking” is more than relevant for us. The team of specialists completed the preparation of the system for compliance with the TKEY ecosystem according to Sharia; carried out the work both at the legal level and the technical level, so the software package complies with Sharia.

The development in the UAE and other countries of the Persian Gulf will allow the ecosystem participants to connect to new “financial corridors” or “Islamic windows,” significantly expand the range of assets and increase the volume of liquidity.


There must be order everywhere, not just in the code. Large-scale popularization of the project involves “branding,” a powerful tool from which the subsequent recognition of the project follows. It follows from this that any branded element creates integrity, which the project previously lacked.

Previously, we made any local changes, for example: changing the logo, changing one or more colors, but now we are preparing thoroughly — the launch is coming, which means that the nearest development is coming, so our team developed the concept of the TKEY brand, which are based on philosophical, scientific, sacred, design and several other approaches.

We carried about five months of intensive work on developing the corporate style; at the moment, we have approved: a logo and a color palette, a single class, a brand book. We will share information about the approaches, brand philosophy, and motivating factors that influenced the creation of this element after the launch of “TKEY Online” and accordingly, after the complete branding.

Signs and symbols rule the world, not the word and the laws. — Confucius.

The character itself is nothing: its power lies only in the dogma, and it fully embodies the word. — Unknown philosopher of the XIX century.

Both postulates are correct and do not require proof because this is how the world works.

All rights reserved by TKEY ®. Excerpt from the brand book.
All rights reserved by TKEY ®. Excerpt from the brand book.

TKEY Online

We have completed the work on the trading terminal, improved the interfaces in the application, upgraded the settings, and daily test the functionality with various asset classes.

Screenshot from the “TKEY Online” web application

Interfaces for the market maker robot

The team develops a GUI for a “market maker robot” for Windows, Linux, and macOS.

The Smart holding and robot market maker

Events in the world that affect the financial condition of people and the stagnation of the economy are the driving factors for the introduction of tools that can provide additional profitability.

Users’ preferences are different: someone is ready to approach the matter professionally and set up a “market maker robot” to perform automatic trading using different strategies. Another part of people, on the contrary, adheres to the principle: “investment is an action,” which implies a minimum of actions on the part of a person, but at the same time brings income, in this case, “smart holding” will be an essential tool.

The Smart holding

A Smart Holding is an automatic algorithm for managing a liquidity pool.

First of all, we will analyze the definitions themselves to clarify what that is.

Liquidity is the property of assets to be quickly sold at a price close to the market.

A liquid asset is an asset converted into money.

A liquidity pool is a pool of assets that provides liquidity in the system.

Banks act as “liquidity pools in the traditional financial system,” both traditional and innovative approaches used in the ecosystem. Thanks to the “smart holding” function, users are united in a pool that creates a single asset repository that provides liquidity in the TkeyNet network.

The participant’s funds are automatically held, and for providing an asset to the liquidity pool, the participant receives a reward, depending on the invested investment.

From the point of view of user experience, the model is quite simple; in the interface, the user selects an asset, for example, a dollar or gold, then specifies the amount of the investment that will be “held” in the liquidity pool, then confirms the contract. As we can see, it will be possible to activate this function in a few seconds and subsequently receive a return that depends on the amount of the invested asset.

Thus, the principle of “mutual assistance” operates here, which is one of the key ones in the system. It turns out that by helping others, you get a reward for it. The liquidity pool provides liquidity for trading transactions, particularly trading pairs, and the participants of the liquidity pool receive remuneration for this.

The tool is interesting for those who adhere to stability and a minimum investment of time resources. In addition, this tool has no restrictions on the amount, which allows you to enter the liquidity pool even with the most minimal investments.

The market maker’s robot

If we compare, this tool is more intended for large market makers, for example, banks, but any user can use its functions.

The main difference between “smart holding” and “robot market maker” is that when using a “robot market maker,” you act alone, and, consequently, the level of profitability increases, but the level of risk also increases.

Using the “robot market maker,” you can automatically trade on different strategies and earn on the “spread” — the difference between the best prices of orders for sale and purchase.

Smart holding and robot market maker differences

From all this, it follows that the “robot market maker” is a tool that can bring significant profitability but requires specific knowledge, time, and, accordingly, the amount of investment.

When using “smart holding,” — there are no restrictions on the amount, there is no need to study various strategies, everything goes automatically is performed by the system, without centralized participation. Thus, you can put both $1 and 100 BTC into the liquidity pool, and the level of remuneration will depend on the amount of replenishment of the liquidity pool. In general, this tool is exciting in the future because the liquidity pool is gradually growing, the number of assets in it is growing, which means that the profitability and benefits are increasing: there is no need to study any professional literature on trading.

The following material will be devoted to Smart holding and robot market maker, in which we will tell in detail how these tools work.

By the way, about these two instruments-this is a reliable basis for ensuring fast and healthy trading; if there is liquidity, it means that can sell any asset provided in the system for money at a fair price. In turn, whoever provides liquidity receives the corresponding benefit, which means that you can become a member of the liquidity pool, receiving remuneration for this.

Privacy and sovereignty

In Russia and the world as a whole, confidentiality and sovereignty are very relevant.

From the beginning of the project, we have been guided by the principles of mutual assistance, solidarity, and justice, which means that the concepts of honor and dignity are key. It follows from this that ensuring confidentiality and sovereignty is one of the company’s missions.

A significant aspect is the decentralized architecture of the ecosystem, which protects users’ interests and ensures the sovereignty of your assets.

It is essential to understand that the ecosystem is one of the tools that allow you to achieve sovereignty and ensure confidentiality; general protection is performing in aggregate. The totality is considered a set of measures, tools, and knowledge to achieve a positive result.

In other words, using the ecosystem, you are provided with tools that allow you to avoid illegal blocking of funds, protect your data, reduce the banking load, and, most importantly, offer the opportunity to move money anywhere in the world freely.

Meanwhile, given the “turmoil” that is creating by the media — and interferes with a sane view of things, both the tools themselves, in the form of an ecosystem, and educational materials related to legal nuances are urgently needed, which will make it possible to understand the following:

  1. The user can easily protect their rights.
  2. Freely use the system without fear of illegal blocking of funds and regardless of its position, status, and other parameters that, in our opinion, should not affect human rights.
  3. The user of the system can be sure that at any time, he will be able to use the funds and regardless of the life situation.

Thus, if we take into account that digitalization has both positive and negative sides, for example: “squandering of personal data” and, accordingly, complete control over human actions — tools in the form of an ecosystem are necessary for a healthy society, which will significantly reduce such factors or exclude them altogether.

It follows from all this that the topic of privacy, sovereignty is quite large and covers various areas, so we decided to resume the rubrics and introduce new ones dedicated to the ecosystem and third-party tools, including legal ones. Such publications, together, will allow you to quickly and freely move your funds without fear of blocking, abuse by various supervisory structures, etc.

The rubrics will consist of legal materials, posts about information security, and the materials’ content will be based on examples of using the ecosystem so that the user understands what works and how and what motivates our actions.

It is important to note that changes and modifications of the ecosystem are a step towards independence and healthy movement of money, and therefore to our freedom.

Completing this material, and considering that we are preparing content on the above topics, you can vote in the comments on which issue is most relevant to you: sovereignty, legal aspects or tools: smart holding, market makers.

Voting will allow you to determine the release of the subsequent material, depending on your preferences.

Let us remind you that we adhere to the principles of mutual respect, solidarity, protection of honor, and dignity; therefore, we count on objective comments.



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