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The year 2021 was busy, changes are still taking place in the world that affects people, and it is far from easy for many; therefore, we will begin this message by wishing you and your loved ones good health and success in these difficult times. At the same time, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you: thank you for your trust, for your feedback and support.

The events of this year have not left users indifferent: some people liked the changes, some did not — and this practice always concerns any company that stands still and performs reasonable actions to follow easily market trends.

Reasonable actions are those actions that lead to the desired result for us; in other words, such actions may even look negative and evil from the outside, but in the long run, they will be valuable and will help us; each of us includes had such situations in our lives when, at a superficial glance, it seemed like a tragedy or a failure, and then you realized that it was a hidden blessing.

As you and I know, a person can make a mistake in the perception of any event or result, as a result of which: the insignificant seems to him particularly significant, and the meaningful — negligibly.

“Results of the Year” opens an event related to the “new concept.”

New Concept

On December 22, 2021, the team published information about changes in the company’s concept, which allows preserving the interests of the corporate and private sectors. There are several opinions about the new conception. Because, as mentioned above, any changes are the usual practice of developing companies. Changes are always met with bewilderment because everything new is fraught with secrets, and people tend to be afraid of change.

Most users met the new concept objectively because they understood the evident advantages and advantages that will lead to the stability of the asset, reduce risks and add value; if previously the TKEY-quota was provided, in fact, only by intellectual property and the direct need to own it, then its transformation into a tokenized share certainly added to its liquidity properties.

1. The tokenized share is provided by the underlying asset — the company’s shares, which are provided by the company’s financial indicators.

2. The issue of tokenized shares (TA) is limited; plus, when redeeming tokenized shares per company share, the amount of TA in circulation reduces since “withdrawal from circulation” occurs.

Consider an example: You owned 1,000,000 TA and repaid them; instead, you received 1,000,000 shares of the company; after that, only 9,000,000 TA is available for purchase on the backwardness platform.

3. “Withdrawal from circulation” makes the asset more resistant to the process of “asset depreciation” and creates a limited supply, which effectively affects the indicators of “demand.”

4. The platform will provide a market that allows you to quickly access tokenized shares, thereby reducing barriers to entry and exit of investors.

It turns out that with the new conception, there are much more economic incentives than with the old concept; for a party who is interested in buying a tokenized share, a quick entry to the market is available — a platform; providing an underlying asset, such as a company share, can provide the owner with passive income in the future, which is an advantage for the future owner; a tool in the form of a company shares is most understandable to a broad audience than any other tools; the legal status of such tools is much more stable than crypto assets. There are much more advantages; we will tell you about them in the thematic materials.

It’s time to move on to the following results of the year; in our list, there is a “stormy” beginning of 2021, when the team began its work on January 1, 2021: — “yes, we did not have time to taste the holidays, and immediately started working, which we continue to do to this day.”

Migration to a New System and TKEY Online

The year began for the team in full readiness; already, on January 2, 2021, we published instructions and information to ensure a comfortable “migration to a new system.”

On January 5, 2021, the web interface and software for the transition to the new system became available, after which we immediately received a large flow of applications, which were subsequently processed by another team of specialists.

Synchronously with these processes, the team quickly got involved in the development of software for individuals — “TKEY Online”; the first review of this product became available on January 17, 2021, and on January 31, 2021, the team made modifications and work at the code level was completed.

Then, on March 31, 2021, the team published a presentation of the ecosystem, which allowed us to reveal the advantages of our global product.


At the same time, other specialists of the company and management lobbied for initiatives related to the digitalization of the financial market, including sending an agenda for legislation that reveals the advantages of new solutions and gives a renewed vision at the construction of financial systems.

So to say, on the sidelines, strategically large-scale actions were being worked out for the future development of the ecosystem; taking into account the scale of the system, the team within a year began the development of international relations that is required to scale the TKEY system and the TKEY company.

Products for the Corporate Sector

In parallel with these processes, ecosystem-based products and solutions were developed to provide highly reliable tools for corporate clients; in particular, for representatives of the financial market

Such actions became the subject of consideration of the “new concept” because thanks to international cooperation and scaling of the system, the company’s financial indicators will grow significantly, which will lead to an increase in the level of liquidity, assets of the company; as a result, the value of “exclusive rights” to the company’s shares increases.


Negotiating, lobbying initiatives, and product development — all this accompanied us throughout the year, but despite the multitasking, the specialists still managed to carry out a comprehensive rebranding, the process of which began in the first quarter of 2021.

Our brand creates technological solutions for payments and digitalization, where security, stability, and durability are the company’s principles. Brand design should mediate between the digital and the actual world to convey technology’s core values and dynamics to humans.

The corporate identity, color palette, logo, and visuals should represent everything that we are. Design should evoke positive emotions, provoke creation and development, and encourage people to strive to move forward.


It is almost impossible to convey all the emotions lived, the team labors, which worked all 365 days without days off, maneuvering between various tasks and issues: legal, strategic, IT tasks, and others necessary for universal success.

Briefly, about the main thing:

  1. We have created a sustainable ecosystem and infrastructure based on it.
  2. We have prepared products for the corporate market and started implementing them.
  3. We have worked out development strategies for the corporate and private sectors.
  4. We conducted a comprehensive rebranding at all levels.
  5. We have developed a sustainably managed base for the implementation of the new concept.

The year is coming to an end; we have more than a million lines of code behind us, hundreds of different situations, a rich life experience that we received in time for the implementation of plans — all this is a path that few could go through.

Get ready for positive results; because now, in the context of the new concept, your opinion is equal to the value of your assets — remember this.

Happy New Year,



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