Safely buy and withdraw cryptocurrency to your Bankcard without effort and hassle.

Secure cryptocurrency exchange for dollars, euros, pounds , and etc. — now available.

In addition to the fact that you can now easily buy a cryptocurrency for Fiat currencies, dollars, euros, or any other, the card withdrawal service has become available today. You can easily withdraw your profit to the card, the most important thing is that this is a completely legal method, and all operations pass through banks and jurisdictions where work with digital assets is legalized.

We work with the most reliable third-party partners to make your cryptocurrency process easy and convenient, and most importantly safe for You. The service supports plastic and virtual Bank cards VISA, MasterCard, MIR, and other payment systems for fast payment processing.

On the exchange page — you can choose any currency pair to exchange in the opposite direction, for example: EUR to BTC or USD to BTC. Choose a suitable pair for exchange, available fiat currencies: USD, EUR, GBP, UAH, IDR, KRW, JPY, TRY, ARS, RUB available cryptocurrencies for exchange: BTC, ETH, BAT, USDT, ALGO, TRX, OKB.

How it works:

You go to the service via the “Sell” tab — Choose a currency, for example, Bitcoin, then-enter the required amount in BTC or dollars that you want to get to the card — click Sell BTC.

If you have already made a purchase through the service, verification will not be required. if not, the system will ask you to pass quick verification. Verification takes 2–3 minutes (5–10 seconds in our practice)and requires only one time to perform operations every day. The “Know your customer” (KYC) procedure is necessary to exchange cryptocurrencies for Fiat currencies.

When you make a subsequent purchase or withdrawal, you will no longer need to pass verification.

After verification, you will receive an SMS message with a confirmation code, — after entering the SMS code, you will receive an email with the code to your email — then, make a quick exchange of BTC to dollars and wait for the Deposit.

Everything is fast, easy, and clear — and most importantly, safe.

Tomorrow, we will analyze in detail the service for buying and withdrawing to the card, as well as tell you how it can be effectively used with the digital asset exchange service — SWAP.




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Official TKEY blog in Medium. Infrastructure for the financial ecosystem

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