TKEY Online. The First Part

A series of TKEY Online materials will help you reveal the advantages of this product, its functionality, safety, and purpose. In this material, the team shares information that will help you easily understand the properties and characteristics of the TKEY Online application.

Turn on the video in high quality, get acquainted with the interface, and look at the features that will be available to you soon, and then go back and read the material in full.

Features of TKEY Online

TKEY Online is the first mobile and web application based on the TkeyNet infrastructure. The application provides a range of functionality for its users, providing a high level of security.

It is a complex application built on modern technologies, cryptography, and mathematics. For the user is a secure mobile and web application for managing various assets in TkeyNet. Instant transactions, exchanges, trading, secure asset storage, and more.

TKEY Online Security

When developing TKEY, the online team was guided by military-grade security when using the app.

In addition to the level of security provided by cryptography, encryption, the application protects your privacy. The use of a distributed database excludes the possibility of information falsification.

Serverless architecture

TKEY Online is built based on TkeyNet the web application that works without a central server can not be blocked or stopped. The application architecture eliminates hacks, hacker attacks, and all data is encrypted using cryptographic methods. TkeyNet developed on stable cryptography, and only the owner of the secret key has access to the assets.

One secret key. Simple and reliable

A secret key is used for logging in to a TKEY Online account, stored on the user’s device and encrypted.

Pay attention. Centralized applications store your keys and sensitive data on their servers, exposing them to the risk of theft and other hazards.

In TKEY Online, only you have access to assets through a secret key. Thus, when you use TKEY Online, its interface is only a “shell” of the protected TkeyNet infrastructure.

The possibility of theft of the secret key by an attacker from TKEY Online is absent since this data is not available on the central server.

Web application. When you use the TKEY Online web application, the secret key is stored encrypted on your side and only for the duration of the session. If you click the “Refresh” button (F5) or close the TKEY Online page, the secret key will automatically delete from your storage, and you will need to log in again.

Recommendations. Save the key on a USB drive(flash drive), regularly update the browser you use. However, as mentioned above, all data is stored on your side and in encrypted form.

Mobile app. When you use the mobile app, the secret key is store on your side in an encrypted form. Additional encryption provides through modern encryption methods of the Android or iOS operating systems.

Full control

Only you control access to assets, operations using a secret key.

Pay attention. The nature of the cryptography used does not allow anyone other than the owner of the secret key to access the funds stored in TKEY Online. Thanks to this — all assets are kept safe and used only when the owner decides to spend them: send, exchange, and more.

The high-level security of TKEY Online guarantees you that only you have access to assets (account), accounts. The company, its developers, and any other third parties do not have access to or control your TKEY-accounts.

The formula is simple. There is a key — there is access. No key — no is access.

The implementation of TKEY Online excludes the use of any personal information and its storage.

  1. Lack of personal information

The implementation of TKEY Online excludes the use of any personal information and its storage. To create an account, a key pair (TKEY-Account) create.

Note. A key pair is a TKEY Account, which consists of an Account and a Secret Key. Account — account ID in TkeyNet; Secret key — alphanumeric password for the TKEY account.

Reference. For example, cracking a key of 78 bits will take 32,000 years on a single system of 1 thousand parallel processors, and hacking a TKEY account is impossible without knowing the secret key that uses more bits. We will talk about cryptography in TkeyNet in the following materials.

TKEY Online Security Level

TKEY Online is different from the usual wallets and banking applications. The owner of the TKEY-account has complete control over their assets and is responsible for the security of their private key. An account with assets cannot be blocked, restricted, or stopped. TKEY Online does not store or request personal data.

Using TKEY Online, you need to keep the secret key in a safe place. We did all the security work for you.

Anyone who understands the advantages of the level of protection based on cryptography knows that already now TKEY Online is maximally protected from any attacks, theft of funds, and other malicious actions.

Storing assets in TKEY Online is similar to using hardware wallets, which usually work with digital currencies. However, TKEY Online is much more convenient, more functional, and at the same time as protected as possible.

There are always users who though of the maximum level of protection, can worry about their assets. For such users, the team prepares several methods to ensure secure storage.

Two-factor protection application. Just note that this is a non-classical 2FA and not an SMS code. The team is developing a separate application that bases on cryptography. Using the app, you will be able to confirm all payment transactions in TKEY Online.

Note. Applications for two-factor protection will be helpful for those users who rarely make trading operations. And they consider TKEY Online as a secure repository for their assets. Why are we talking about rare trading operations? Using two-factor protection applications, you need to confirm each trade operation. If you are an active trader, then speed is a factor for you. For convenience, you can create several accounts — for example, one for active trading and the second for storing digital assets. Connect the application for two-factor protection to it.

Cold storage. Regardless of the two-factor security application that the team is still developing, it will be possible to create a “cold TKEY Account” on the TKEY account creation page online. How it will work — you download special software, generate a TKEY Account without an Internet connection, and then transfer funds from another account to the TKEY Account created in the cold. This method will interest those who want to store most of the assets without an Internet connection.

What features will be available in TKEY Online?

TKEY Online is a new generation mobile and web application based on cryptography, using modern technologies and best practices. The maximum level of security, user-friendly interfaces, and the necessary features required for asset management.

TKEY Online interface

The application uses a user-friendly interface that will help you manage various assets-exchange and trade them.

Unlike complex exchange instruments, TKEY Online is an application for people with different levels of experience.

The complex turns into the simple. The team has created an intuitive interface users can quickly get started with the application. In the app, quick access to assets, instant transactions. It is easy to exchange one asset for another, easy to deposit, withdraw assets, and much more.

One account — an unlimited number of assets

TKEY Online is part of a large ecosystem; all connected assets to TkeyNet are automatically made available in the TKEY Online account. Using one account, you can receive and send any asset available in TKEY Online.

What is an account? The account ID in TkeyNet. Example TCCEVV22RWC2PSH73AWNY4IEHGUOL3KPPWLLP32RGLKX73VBRABGWRG2. All accounts in the TKEY ecosystem start with the letter T.

For example, the following assets connect to TkeyNet: USD, EUR, GBP, USD. In your account, including the assets you need, such as USD and GBP. Thus, you already have three assets available: TKEY, USD, and GBP, but the account is the same. The user sends GBP to TCCEVV22RWC2PSH73AWNY4IEHGUOL3KPPWLLP32RGLKX73VBRABGWRG2 the system automatically detects the currency and transfers it to GBP.

Regardless of the assets that connect to your account, one account is used, which is very convenient.

TkeyID — even more convenient and familiar

To simplify operations with assets in TKEY Online, you can include TkeyID as the universal identifier that looks like an email, only instead of @, & is used, — name&

After activation of TkeyID, account TCCEVV22RWC2PSH73AWNY4IEHGUOL3KPPWLLP32RGLKX73VBRABGWRG2 looks like this — name &

TkeyID solves a problem with complex identifiers that are, firstly, challenging to remember, and secondly, difficult to pass to the user. It is not necessary to know the recipient’s account; it is enough to send funds by their TkeyID — the funds will arrive within a few seconds. Fast, convenient, and safe.

All in one application

It’s time to dive into the full power of TKEY Online’s features that provide you with the best asset management practices.

Continuous integration of assets

All connected assets to TkeyNet automatically become available in TKEY Online — you do not need to wait until the next update is available. For example, in TKEY Online, only TKEY and TUSD are available soon as EUR at connecting it will automatically become available in TKEY Online. Everything is increasing.

Furthermore, the connection of assets will take place on an ongoing basis; this is one of the critical functions of the application; in addition, the connected assets to TkeyNet will become available not only for TKEY Online users but also for other products that will be released based on TkeyNet. Everything works together and complements each other.

At the same time, for developers, companies planning to develop financial instruments, the TKEY ecosystem ensures the availability of assets through TkeyAPI. Easy to connect and integrate without wasting time building code.

For developers, companies planning to develop financial instruments, the TKEY ecosystem ensures the availability of assets through TkeyAPI. Easy to connect and integrate without wasting time building code.

Reliable storage of liquidity

A single system gives you access to any asset. This year, the company will do much work to connect different currencies, which will be available in the application.

What are the obvious advantages? First, everything is store in a secure system, no one except you has access to the assets; it doesn’t matter if you store $100 or several million dollars — only you have access. Secondly, you can exchange any available assets regardless of the country where you live. Thirdly, there is always a currency pair for TKEY to carry out the exchange you need.

Save on transactions, orders. Free transaction fees

All operations, including exchange orders, transfers — are carried out in seconds (regardless of the country of departure and receipt). The transaction fee is less than a cent. Transactions are free.

Fee for payments. All operations in TkeyNet, regardless of the application used, are measured (quantified) in TKEY.

TKEY circulates in the ecosystem and its products, which creates a reliable economic system. Regardless of whether you send GBP, USD, or EUR, the transaction fee charge in TKEY.

Decentralized trading

Another feature of TKEY Online is decentralized trading. Besides, you can perform any operations in TKEY Online without using banks or payment systems. Exchange, send — no additional actions are required — TkeyNet exchange engine processing up to 8,640,000,000 transactions per day.

Quick Transactions

Using TKEY Online-sending any asset takes a few seconds and does not depend on the recipient’s country. For example, digital assets connect to TkeyNet, which are created based on “slow systems” — the speed of sending such assets is measured at the level of TkeyNet and passes in seconds.

Example. You live in Germany need to quickly send 2,000 euros to France to your parents or friends, colleagues — to do this, you specify the recipient’s TkeyID in TKEY Online — in the exact second, 2,000 euros transfer to the recipient’s account.

This functionality provides you with fast exchanges/transfers anywhere in the world without hidden fees.

“Each payment will pass through a digital payment system without bank intervention. You will be able to link a bank card for automatic withdrawal of digital funds to the local currency.”

How do assets work in TKEY Online?

TKEY Online allows you to access various assets regardless of the country of your location. For example, a user from Europe can buy and sell Indian Rupees without a bank account in India, trade securities without a brokerage account.

Reference. All assets in TKEY Online provide by financial institutions. You can add any available digital assets without opening a bank account. Digital assets can send, exchanged, received, replenished, and withdrawn.

Are there any restrictions? No. You can exchange EUR, AED, or any other available asset in TKEY Online.

How does it work? The assets provided by partners tokenize through TkeyConnect → new digital assets appear in the system, immediately available to all users.

Let’s analyze an example. In TKEY Online, are connected: USD, AED, EUR, RUB, TUSD. For ease of perception, we detail the information:

USD → issued by Bank A from Switzerland.

AED → issued by Bank B of Dubai.

EUR → issued by Bank C from Europe.

RUB → issued by Bank D from Russia.

TUSD → released by digital trading platform E.

Regardless of the country of registration or location, the user who has an account in TKEY Online gets access to all assets: USD, AED, EUR, RUB, TUSD. For example, a user from France can exchange TKEY for RUB or AED for TUSD.

Or a user from France who owns AED wants to withdraw funds to a bank account and does not want to lose money on converting AED to EUR.

The user in TKEY Online exchanges AED for EUR. Next, click Withdraw → opens a menu (page) where suppliers present the case of a user from France → who selects a bank from Europe → that withdraws funds to a bank account.

Conclusions. In TKEY Online, you can use any assets and exchange them. Besides, if there is no provider for the withdrawal of one currency, then in the app TKEY Online you can exchange for the desired currency and withdraw through a provider available for your country.

Distributed Partner System

All providers are united in a single TKEY ecosystem, and each organization has its level of responsibility and access to data, depending on the services provided.

How does it work? The user wants to buy USD or TKEY for euro. In addition to the euro, the user has no other currency, the euro stores on the bank card. The user creates an account in TKEY Online → selects a supplier, for example, Bank C from Europe. Passes verification in Bank C, → then the user makes deposits in euros → bank C issues tokenized euros to the user in TKEY Online → the user in TKEY Online buy USD for tokenized euros.

Note. Verification depends on the service provider, but the procedure follows a single standard: proof of identity, phone number.

Reference. There is no collection or storage of personal information at the TKEY ecosystem and application level.

Advantages of this approach. First, all data is delimited and not stored in TKEY Online. Secondly, if you have passed verification in Bank D, your data is stored only in the bank. Information about the account and the funds on it is available only to you and no one else. Verification or authentication only requires a licensed service provider if you withdraw fiat currencies from the system.

Pay attention. Centralized exchanges receive all customer data and can use the information for their purposes, especially since the site can be hacked, which will lead to the disclosure of your data and the loss of funds.

TKEY Online. There is no storage of personal data in the app. Asset providers do not have any data about your accounts and do not have control over them.

A distributed partner strategy. Besides, we emphasize that if you have passed verification in Bank D, then Bank B or digital trading platform E-do not overlap in any way in TkeyNet. They do not have data about you, as well as no other information.

Licensed organizations can tokenize Fiat currencies, shares, and other financial instruments: NBFI, banks, and professional financial market participants. User deposits store in insured accounts.

The process of distributing partners is similar to the mechanism of the distributed registry. If one partner fails, it does not affect the performance of the TkeyNet system in any way.


TKEY Online is a secure application with instant transactions, fast access to various currencies, including digital, instant international payments. Exchange operations, secure transactions, and more.

  • Security. Cryptography.
  • Independence — access only from the key owner.
  • Privacy — no personal data in TKEY Online.
  • International money transfers in seconds.
  • Access to assets that are available in TkeyNet. For example, GBP, USD, EUR, and more.
  • The commission is less than a cent.
  • Intuitive interface.
  • The app will be available from any device. Web application: interfaces to mobile devices and browsers. Mobile apps for Android and iOS. Mobile apps for Android and iOS.

In conclusion

If you have only watched videos with TKEY interfaces online, we recommend reading this material in full. In the second part, the team will analyze and detail individual functions, for example, working with assets using the market maker. And also talk about the upcoming launch of the TKEY app Online.

The second part is a detailed dive into the meanings and functions of TKEY Online. To date, more than 80% of the entire development stage is ready. Final work on Market Data and integration with partners is underway.

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