TKEY Online. The Introductory Part

The company and its users are moving into the TkeyNet infrastructure, part of the larger TKEY ecosystem. Since the launch of the web form for switching to TkeyNet, there have been questions. What software will use? Where will the trading start? How do I access TKEY after filling out the form? Let’s start in order.

What software will use?

The first product based on TkeyNet will be TKEY Online, a mobile and web application for managing assets on the TkeyNet network. The interface will be possible to trade, carry out transactions, securely store digital assets, and more.

The team has developed a decentralized platform that can process up to 8 billion transactions per day. And the entire history of transactions will record in a distributed register consisting of a continuous chain of blocks.

The built-in exchange will be available on the first day of TKEY’s release online. This way, you will access safe trading tools and other features, which we will discuss in the next release.

Who can use TKEY Online?

Any user who owns a TKEY-account on the TkeyNet network

How do I access TKEY after filling out the form?

After the release of TKEY Online, it is enough to use the Secret Key to get access to TKEY.

Switching to the TkeyNet infrastructure

If you missed the news about the beginning of the transition to TkeyNet, we briefly introduce you to the course of business. The team has finished developing the TKEY ecosystem. Everyone needs to switch to TkeyNet to continue using TKEY and related IT products of the company TKEY. The old Core 1.0 system and software no longer support the new infrastructure.

Use the web form for switching to TkeyNet. On the form page, some instructions will help you understand this process. The web form is available at the link →

If you have any questions, please get in touch with our support agents at


We’ll tell you more about TKEY Online in the first part, which will be published this week, and share the ready-made interfaces.




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