TKEY Online. The Second Part

In the Second Part, we will analyze what works have complete for today, talk about market-makers, free commissions in the system, and more.

Just note that the development of the application is complete. The company is moving to the preparatory period for the launch-testing and integration with partners. The finish line before the start of trading, so we say with all confidence — “The release of TKEY Online will be soon, is an integration left!”

TKEY Online Development Results

The work at the code level is complete. Below we briefly describe the improvements made, then move on to other issues.

Finish working on the charts

Stock quotes. Charts in real-time. Stock charts will become your most important tool for analyzing the market situation and further predicting price behavior.

Improved styles and design

We improved the design and corrected the “little things”: the size of the windows, fonts, colors, and more. Improve the styles for a better user experience. Easy perception of information, focusing on the main elements of the application. Besides, we have finished the adaptation for Dark Mode.

Adaptive layout

We have adapted the web application for different types of devices. The term “adaptive layout” is the creation of dynamic elements that adjust to different screen resolutions.

In other words, TKEY Online can be easily used on a computer, laptop, or mobile device, regardless of the screen size. All elements will dynamically adjust to the workspace of your device.

Trading terminal

After the publication of the First Part, the team worked on updating the trading terminal. For convenience, all the necessary market-data, and functions are on one page, so you have quick access to orders, quotes, and the table of limit orders (Depth of Market). The main thing is that all the information is placing on one screen to get everything you need.


We have localized the application. The first version of TKEY Online will be available in Russian and English.

Feedback. After the release, the team will upgrade the design, expand the functionality, and more. You can always write us what features and improvements you would like to see in the app. To do this, send a list of suggestions to the mail

What works left before the release of TKEY Online

As mentioned above, the code level work is complete, we’re testing, and integration with partners will carry out.

Testing and Integration

This period includes autotests, manual testing. The testing period is base on testing trading functions with the participation of the company’s partners.

How is this period going? All trading functions are tested in the TkeyNet test network. We are connecting and issuing assets, creating orders, adding and withdrawing currency pairs, and more — high-load tests-a complete simulation of the maximum protocol load. The test network has the highest number of operations, including trading, and then we’re monitoring the network and the application’s performance.

After the testing period, the functional integration will begin. The team and partners proceed to this stage after all the tests are complete. Switching to the public network TkeyNet is underway — the company and partners are holding several final events. After that, TKEY Online release.

The first trading pair

The first integration will be with partners who connect digital currencies to the system, such as USDT. During the testing period, the initial line of trading pairs is entirely consistent. We have approved a trading pair: TKEY/Stablecoin.

Assets and Fees

Partners who connect in the first release of the application and new companies have access to different assets, including fiat currencies and various digital ones, which will positively affect the development of the system TkeyNet, and expand your portfolio.

Feedback. If you have any suggestions or preferences for trading pairs, please send them to; we will include them in the first release. The connection of new trading pairs does not affect the timing of the testing and integration period.

The connection of new trading pairs does not affect the timing of the testing and integration period. So we will be happy to receive feedback.

Commissions. There are no commissions in TKEY Online, which allows you to save on all trading operations that perform in the application, including creating orders, transfers to TKEY Online, and more.

Especially true when you perform many transactions per month. Of course, it is better to analyze such cases in unique materials, which we will do. As mentioned in the “First part” about TKEY Online, in the system TkeyNet, the commission for a transaction is less than 1 cent, and usually, such values round, so there are no commissions.

What are the advantages?

You can exchange any asset, for example, EUR/TKEY or USDT/ETH, with no commission. For example, there are no commissions if you send EUR or any other connected finance asset in the system.

Consider that you can save a considerable amount on transfers and exchange operations, which you will always find a use. As mentioned above, the team will make unique materials dedicated to such analyzes. However, it is already clear that it is easy to save $1,000 or more if you use TKEY Online.


Market-Makers are market participants who support the exchange infrastructure and ensure smooth order processing. Thus, thanks to market-makers, an effective market mechanism creates.

The head’s role is to eliminate the lack of liquidity, making trading accessible to everyone. On trading exchanges, the price continuously fluctuates. The change can measure in decimals, and to check buy and sell orders in a specific range, you need a market maker that connects sellers and buyers. It is easy to buy or sell at the exact second of creating an order.

There are institutional market-makers and speculative ones — institutional organizations are organizations. The speculative market-makers are any prominent participants that can influence price changes. And there are also market-users is these are users, for example, private investors.

To automate trading processes and to provide market-makers and market-users with the opportunity to earn. The team is developing a robot market-maker.

The market-maker robot is a program, an algorithm that performs the necessary functions of a market maker. The interface allows you to configure the robot for different types of trading. Thanks to this, it provides you with an additional channel for making profits.

The market-maker robot can be used not only by institutional partners but also by users themselves. Moreover, the connection of market users contributes to the development of the TKEY Online exchange infrastructure. If you are directly interested in making a profit, you will complete this by using a market-maker robot.

Note. The release of the Market-Maker-Robot and TKEY Online are not related to each other. The TKEY Online app we publish first. The Market-Maker-Robot will release within one month.

We answer the question-the robot market maker is part of the gameplay. The more market makers are connected, the stronger the competition between them. Therefore, users are involved in setting up a market-maker robot to get the best result-profit. Besides, you can earn both on lowering and increasing the price of assets. In this way, each of you will contribute and influence the market.

Gameplay and game theory. The team receives questions and suggestions about the to create gameplay to increase interest in the TKEY ecosystem.

We answer the question — the robot market maker is part of the gameplay. The more market-makers connect in the TKEY system, the stronger the competition between them. Therefore, users are involved in setting up a robot market-maker to get the best result-profit. Besides, you can earn both on lowering and increasing the price of assets. In this way, each of you will contribute and influence the market.

Sum Up

The final work remains testing and integration with partners. We can safely say — “Finally, we are close to the start of trading!” We also remind you that immediately after the integration, we will notify all users about the upcoming release of TKEY Online. Furthermore, we will publish the notification a few days before the start of trading.

Before trading on the exchange, the team will publish a post about intelligent holding TKEY and analyze the basic principles of trading assets. Get ready for the start — it will be hot!



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