TKEY’s Birthday

Every day, the team is working hard to provide the best user experience for people who have believed in us, supported us, and continue to provide strong support. Of course, we are preparing to expand the coverage of TKEY products, as people are interested in functioning products that allow them to carry out efficient operations with assets worldwide.

It would seem that four years in the context of human age is nothing, but in terms of the development of TKEY, news, both negative and very positive, now a feeling is creating in our soul that an entire era has ended.

— We appeal to you, dear friends! The TKEY team especially singled out “You” with a capital letter; we want each of you to feel your value in the process of creating an ecosystem, which, perhaps, will become a leader in many markets.

Together with you, we are creating a new future. All this time we have been actively working and were behind this work, there are many events and lived feelings: broken expectations, wasted nerves and resources, betrayals, extreme situations, and other events that accompanied the team; and this, believe me, was not in vain — we received tremendous experience, practice, skills that people have been developing for decades.

A scientist without practice, like a cloud without rain (العَالِمُ بِلَا عَمَلٍ سَحَابٌ بِلَا مَطَرٍ).

This is a significant experience that few can be proud of. When you think of something large-scale, powerful in its essence, you must be prepared that there will be different events, reasons, circumstances, and people who do not share your interests or interfere with the implementation of plans. Believe me, this only strengthened the position of TKEY, and we understood: the horizon is behind us, the stars will be reached through hardships.

TKEY experience is a fundamental experience that few can be proud of; when you are planning something large-scale, powerful in its essence — you must be prepared that there will be different events, reasons, circumstances, and people who do not share your interests or interfere with the implementation of plans. Trust me, this only strengthened TKEY’s position, and we realized: the horizon is behind us, the stars will reach through thorns.

Over the years, you might have thought: “What are they doing there? First, they release one system, then switch to another. ” — Let’s face it, all the developments, developments and all the experience gained in 4 years, the team directed in the right direction — the TKEY ecosystem and in the products that will become available to you.

And now, the fourth birthday, the alpha version of the Core 1.0 system, the unique in its implementation TkeySpace application, pilot versions of TKEY Messenger products, TKEY Encirclement; exchange services, and millions of lines of infrastructure code for the TKEY ecosystem is on the horizon. Of course, pilot projects and developments related to them have become the foundation for products for individuals. For example, the code for TKEY Messenger is most of the functionality of one of the applications. The exchange services and related partnerships are also part of the functionality of the future application; only the functionality and implementation are their own.

Of course, the alpha version of the Core 1.0 system was an all of us kind of intermediate result, primarily planned for a quick start and accelerating time to market.

The powerful backend that the team has been working on over the years becomes our trump card in this game. Subsequent applications and products, services, and services are business logic, a frontend part, which, together with a unique backend, allow us to release, update and supplement applications. Delight our users while not breaking deadlines, not spending a lot of resources and efforts on product creation; fortunately, the most difficult tasks are already behind.

In practice, such ecosystems, developed by the team, were created for seven years. The team was able to complete the development of the ecosystem in a shorter time frame; whereas without losing unique properties, which speaks of a professional approach and a desire for a good result.

In connection with the events that have taken place and have happened very much even in the subject — we can safely say: “It should have been so.”

Thanks to the experience gained, your feedback, albeit sometimes very harsh and sometimes very pleasant, the team focused on the most important thing: a product that you can be proud of, which will become available to companies and users worldwide.

Of course, sometimes we may seem that we are moving through the desert, and there he is, there he is, Oasis, and then we see a desert horizon and dunes, “desert roses” fly by. And at this moment, hands down, someone thinks that everything lost and all was in vain, but the TKEY team is an “armored train” that is moving towards its intended target. In a great stream of tasks, events, strategic and legal actions, and other events — a month for the team flies by, like one day, when it may seem to another person that a month drags on for years.

In the last four years, there was a lot, and we have said about this more than once, that the team worked seven days a week, and labor, financial resources changed both increased and decreased. Hundreds of tasks, dozens of products, great responsibility, and a clear-cut belief in the result — this is what makes TKEY stronger than stone and hardened iron.

Feeling your support, we are working on a worthy continuation of our history. Each participant is a real hero in our eyes; we have come a long and hard way — exciting for both sides; we received various feedback, both negative and positive, together we experienced many emotions.

The team has collected the most valuable knowledge based on the experience of these four years; the feedback from this period set the necessary vector, drew the needful route, thanks to which the team focused on the development of products and services that people need to present. Negative information strengthened us, making us strong, and Community support motivated us in the roughest periods.

Just thank you for your contribution to TKEY over the years. We really couldn’t have realized them without you. Over the coming years, we will try to justify the enormous responsibility that has been trusting us.

And now it’s time for us to say goodbye; tasks await us that require the fastest execution to launch a powerful product for you and be happier.

With love, TKEY Team 💙



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