What awaits Tkeycoin soon?

To date, there are about 50,000 users of Tkeycoin. There are investors from the UK, Africa, Korea, China. Appeals are received from Spain, France, Germany, Japan, and Turkey. The most popular project in the territory of his homeland — Russia and the CIS.

Not all users have accounts in social networks, not everyone has a free minute to follow the news of the project. In this regard, we decided to publish a brief digest of what awaits the project soon. Let’s go!

Mobile wallet release

Mobile wallet TKEYSPACE — will soon is available on the AppStore and Google Play. Secure storage, anonymous transactions and protection of funds from hacker attacks, as well as regulation by third parties.

  • Support for more than 30 popular digital currencies, including 1:1 stablecoin to USD.
  • We do not store your personal data such as IP, geolocation, balance or encryption keys.
  • Recovery means using the backup phrase on any device.
  • Protected from malware, phone security holes and even theft. Written in Swift, Java, Kotlin.
  • TKEYSPACE does not have a single center or server. The application cannot be blocked or stopped.
  • There are no accounts in TKEYSPACE, KYC & AML. The application works in a decentralized mode.
  • Access the app by pin, FaceID or TouchID.
  • Your private keys never leave your device and are securely protected.
  • Your funds can be easily recovered on any device or in another crypto-wallet.

And much more in the first release and future updates.

New TKEY 2.0 core

Faster, more reliable and multifunctional. Future developments of TKEY will be based on the new core and nchains technology.

  • High throughput capacity.
  • Scalability.
  • Flexible configuration of functionality.

Listing on exchanges

It is time to start the official trading of Tkeycoin cryptocurrency. Access to exchange instruments, exchange, and trade of Tkeycoin — all this will be available on several exchanges where our digital currency will be listed. The announcement of the beginning of the auction expect in social networks and be sure to check the e-mail, we will notify you in all available ways.

TKEY/TUSD exchange via SWAP service

After the official listing, we will include support for the exchange of our digital currency Tkeycoin in the SWAP service. This solution will be convenient for those users who do not want to register accounts on exchanges and delve into the basics of cryptocurrency trading.

Today — you can make an exchange between 140 + cryptocurrencies on the official website Tkeycoin: https://tkeycoin.com/en/swap/. How to do this? The instruction from our knowledge base will help you: https://helpdesk.tkeycoin.com/article/82-how-to-quickly-and-safely-exchange-cryptocurrency

New Desktop wallets

We decided to change the architecture, functionality, and design of Desktop wallets. Convenient interfaces, lightweight design, the most necessary functions. Easy to install and run Desktop application — just Like you did before, for example: in Telegram or Slack.

License of the Central Bank

For the comfortable implementation of activities on the territory of Russia, we are engaged in the licensing process of Russian organizations belonging to the group-companies TKEY. After that, the companies will be included in the self-regulatory organization “national financial Association” (SRO NFA).

Foreign licenses

The launch of TKEYPAY requires not only the relevant licenses in the territory of the Russian Federation but also a number of other countries. We’re off to a low start!

Two businesses in the territory of the Russian Federation after the adoption of the law on the Digital of financial assets

In November 2019, we received preliminary agreements on the use of blockchain technology in Russia. Our specialists are preparing 2 solutions that will be used on the territory of our homeland — these are the target areas implemented on the TKEY 2.0 blockchain.

We understand that in addition to the release of native applications, our project requires reliable partnerships that will strengthen the trust and loyalty of our project.

Launch TkeyIndex

TkeyIndex — multi-level algorithm performs a sequence of iterations on the information variables of cryptocurrency exchanges and Foreign Exchange, to find the best prices and ensure liquidity.

Due to the payment bridge — we will be able to provide the best prices for the exchange of digital and Fiat currencies in our applications and on the site tkeycoin.com.

In the completion

Despite the upcoming holidays, the work is boiling, some specialists are forced to work 24/7, but it’s worth it, there are a lot of interesting things ahead.

Have a good mood,

Tkeycoin Team

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